Go natural with Indigo hair color

Natural, organic, eco-friendly; some of the magic words of the new era. In the wake of the very many chemicals the individuals are getting exposed to, it seems to be the right time to put an end to the invasion of the chemicals.

What better way than to use natural products in our everyday grooming and styling! Well, hair is one of the important areas that requires special care and concern in the midst of the chemical and pollution attacks that it undergoes in everyday life. And, when it comes to coloring hair, either to cover the grey or to add new style, natural coloring agents always top the list. While henna has been a coloring agent traditionally, indigo is another significant natural coloring agent that works wonders on the hair.

Henna Dream presents you all the reasons to use Indigo for your hair.

Indigofera tinctoria, popularly known as Indigo, like the henna, is a natural dye which comes from the leaves of the indigo tincoria plant. Its use is majorly found in textile industry, printing and hair dyeing. The use of indigo for hair dyeing dates back to a minimum of 4,000 years. What’s unique is the blue shade, the characteristic feature of the indigo.

indigo plant

indigo plant

For this reason, indigo is mixed with henna to dye the hair. The blue shade, when mixed with henna, adds magic to the hair. And, if you are somebody looking for blacks and different shades of brown, then indigo is what should be added to your hair coloring regime. The indigo is can be used in two ways. Either the indigo is mixed with henna and applied to the hair directly or the hair is dyed first with henna and then the indigo is applied to the hair.

The shade of brown or black depends on the proportion of the henna and indigo used. For convenience, Henna Dream offers several products by pre-mixing henna, indigo with other ayurvedic herbs that help strengthen the roots and grow the hair.

Indigo powder is green in color, 100% natural and hence one of the safest options for dyeing the hair. Not just because of its natural characteristics, but also because the indigo is an ideal option for individuals allergic to chemical hair dyes. Most importantly, indigo does not contain any chemicals like PPD unlike the chemical hair dyeing agents and black henna. In addition to adding color, the indigo gives the hair a new shine and adds texture.

Store Indigo in a dry and a dark place. The Indigo mix, however, cannot be stored for a second use. Throw away the leftover paste.

So, are you ready to sport the indigo look?


Dangers of Chemical Hair Dyes

Hair color has now become part of life for many men and women across the world. Whether it’s natural colors or artificial colors, a majority of men and women now opt for hair colors either to cover their grey hair or to give an all new look to their hair.

Hair dyes aren’t used just for their colors, but they are now also being promoted as hair conditioning agents. The markets across the globe are mushroomed with a wide variety of hair dyes, natural and chemical, both for men and women.

Well, the flip side of the chemical hair dyes is something that you can not ignore. The hair dyes, of late, have become synonymous with allergies of various kinds. While Para- Phenylenediamini (PPD) is a significant chemical in the hair dyes is very harmful. There are many other chemicals like cobalt, glyceryl thioglycolate, ammonia which may also cause allergies and reactions. If you are wondering what the signs of allergy caused by could be like, then here’s some useful information for you.

Firstly, the symptoms of the allergy occur anywhere between 2 and 7 days after application of the chemical hair dyes.

Dermatitis or itchy red rash is one of the first symptoms of a chemical hair dye allergy. The rash predominantly occurs on the face, ears, neck, hairline and the eyelids. The hair dye allergy is characterized by redness of the skin accompanied by itching. Cases of individuals affected by cancer due to hair dye reactions highlights the intensity of the hair dye allergies. So, beware of chemicals in the hair dyes that you use.

Research points out that the allergy can be caused by the hair dye at any point of time. Some may see a reaction after the first use of a chemical hair dye and some may experience it after regular usage for a period of time.  The immediate cure can be application of an ointment or cream before consulting a dermatologist. The Patch Testing, a medical procedure, helps find out the cause for the skin allergies caused by chemicals.

The ideal solution to keep away from allergies is to avoid use of chemical hair dyes and switch to natural hair dyes made from pure herbs. It’s advised not to fall for the false marketing strategies of the chemical hair dye makers.

Henna, hence, is the blessing in disguise that counters all such issues that come with the chemical hair dyes. But, the thumb rule is NOT to opt for black henna (also called Kala Mehindi), which again contains PPDA and/or Ammonia. Henna adds color and life to your hair the natural way.

So, the next time you plan to color your hair, make it a point to find out the ingredients of the hair dye. After all, coloring hair should not put your body and health at stake.  Henna Dream offers 100% natural hair dyes in different tones with all natural ingredients like Henna, Indigo, Amla, Brahmi, Cassia obovata.

Pamper your hair the natural way

Vexed with the chemical hair dyes that fail to give you the promised results?
Are you worried that your hair feeds on too many packs of chemicals?
Looking to pamper your hair or gift your hair some nourishment?

The solution to all these prevalent issues is Henna. Yes. The henna, the nature’s gift and the reliable companion for many from very many ages across the globe. Many artificial colors can mushroom in the market. But, nothing can beat the nature’s cure to grey, dull and damaged hair.

Color, condition, strength. The three essential qualities for healthy hair that both men and women wish for. In the wake of the worsening pollution in the atmosphere, the hair is the most immensely affected. Fighting greying, pollution, dandruff can become very challenging. No worries, the natural henna comes as a blessing in disguise to bid goodbye to all these woes.

Henna, scientifically known as Lawsonia inermis, is popular in households as Mehandi. The leaves of the henna plant, when powdered, impregnate a red-orange color that has been used to dye hair, condition and in Mehandi art.

Unlike the artificial dyes, the natural henna only adds more condition with every application. While it adds color, the henna gifts your hair health, strength and a glossy look to the hair. So, not just for coloring grey hair, the henna can act as a great conditioner on the hair. Moreover, the henna powder can be mixed with other natural products to give different shades to the hair, besides the natural red color.

The natural properties of henna react with the proteins and provide the required strength to the hair. In addition, the henna comes with unique properties that help in cooling the scalp and retaining moisture in the mane.

The time frame for which the henna lasts depends on a number of factors, which include temperature, nature of hair and body temperature.

Another interesting feature of the henna is the addition of some readily available products at home that can enhance the conditioning qualities. Yoghurt, lemon, fenugreek can be used to mix with the henna powder to add the extra benefits.

If you are worried about the storage of the henna, then there’s not much to think about. The henna products just need to be either refrigerated or can be stored in cool and dark places. The henna paste can also be refrigerated for future use, which can be used for at least a couple of months.

Don’t like the smell nor don’t like to be smelled of henna? Simply add a spoon of ginger powder to a 100 grams of henna. If you are allergic to ginger, then cardamom surely can come to your rescue. A spoon of powdered cardamom, commonly known as elachi powder, can completely change the fragrances of your hair.

So, if you are looking for natural and quality henna, then, Henna Dream is the one destination for all your henna needs. Henna Dream presents a wide array of completely natural hennas with different shades of dyes for men and women to help them pamper their mane to the fullest.