Dangers of Chemical Hair Dyes

Hair color has now become part of life for many men and women across the world. Whether it’s natural colors or artificial colors, a majority of men and women now opt for hair colors either to cover their grey hair or to give an all new look to their hair.

Hair dyes aren’t used just for their colors, but they are now also being promoted as hair conditioning agents. The markets across the globe are mushroomed with a wide variety of hair dyes, natural and chemical, both for men and women.

Well, the flip side of the chemical hair dyes is something that you can not ignore. The hair dyes, of late, have become synonymous with allergies of various kinds. While Para- Phenylenediamini (PPD) is a significant chemical in the hair dyes is very harmful. There are many other chemicals like cobalt, glyceryl thioglycolate, ammonia which may also cause allergies and reactions. If you are wondering what the signs of allergy caused by could be like, then here’s some useful information for you.

Firstly, the symptoms of the allergy occur anywhere between 2 and 7 days after application of the chemical hair dyes.

Dermatitis or itchy red rash is one of the first symptoms of a chemical hair dye allergy. The rash predominantly occurs on the face, ears, neck, hairline and the eyelids. The hair dye allergy is characterized by redness of the skin accompanied by itching. Cases of individuals affected by cancer due to hair dye reactions highlights the intensity of the hair dye allergies. So, beware of chemicals in the hair dyes that you use.

Research points out that the allergy can be caused by the hair dye at any point of time. Some may see a reaction after the first use of a chemical hair dye and some may experience it after regular usage for a period of time.  The immediate cure can be application of an ointment or cream before consulting a dermatologist. The Patch Testing, a medical procedure, helps find out the cause for the skin allergies caused by chemicals.

The ideal solution to keep away from allergies is to avoid use of chemical hair dyes and switch to natural hair dyes made from pure herbs. It’s advised not to fall for the false marketing strategies of the chemical hair dye makers.

Henna, hence, is the blessing in disguise that counters all such issues that come with the chemical hair dyes. But, the thumb rule is NOT to opt for black henna (also called Kala Mehindi), which again contains PPDA and/or Ammonia. Henna adds color and life to your hair the natural way.

So, the next time you plan to color your hair, make it a point to find out the ingredients of the hair dye. After all, coloring hair should not put your body and health at stake.  Henna Dream offers 100% natural hair dyes in different tones with all natural ingredients like Henna, Indigo, Amla, Brahmi, Cassia obovata.


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